Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 52 English Subtitles Final


Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 52 English Subtitles Final


Watch Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 52 ( YOU KNOCK ON MY DOOR ep 52 ) English Subbed online at Turkish Masa. Watch the Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi ep 52 eng episodes for free with with English Subtitles. Download the Turkish drama in Sen Cal Kapimi episodes in high quality.

Story of Sen Cal Kapimi ( YOU KNOCK ON MY DOOR ) : Eda Yildiz got a scholarship to study abroad for the last year while she was the first in her department at university, but when her scholarship is cancelled at the last minute, Eda's life is turned upside down; she is expelled from university and stays a high school graduate. She tries unsuccessfully for months to contact Serkan Bolat, who terminated her scholarship. She gets a job at her aunt's flower store.

Sen Cal Kapimi ( YOU KNOCK ON MY DOOR )
  • Naheem

    Really satisfied by these two lovely couple. Best drama really liked their love story and happy ending

    Love from India, Kerala

  • Himu

    This drama my favourite ❤

  • Rizza

    Love this drama so much.:hugging: Inshallah they have part 2.

  • Hasim

    Lovely drama and I like it
    From india

  • Sara mulugeta

    Bb gun love it

  • Mrs Benjamin

    What beautiful drama. Lovely couple.

  • Lokit yadav Banned

    Happy ending love to cast

  • Mohshina Bholah

    Fabulous :ok_hand: :clap: awesome one

  • Riza

    Every series only worth max 20 episode after that the story become awful

  • R

    I think there was a writer charge in middle of season 1, the show quality dropped so low after that and the nice characters such as fifi and Leila were gone too, all the complex characters were done so dirty and the scenes were not as emotional and I CAN NOT get over the fact they made Serkant wear polos in S2 like what is up with that it was so funny I kept waiting for him to wear a damn suit T^T